London is the biggest and fastest growing tech hub in Europe with digital employment in Inner London standing at 250,000. The one thing that stops our capital from becoming the innovation centre of the world, is the lack of investment in technological infrastructure due to an absence of forward thinking. In order to progress we must fund a London Incubator Project for young entrepreneurs, which will pair them with a workspace and wifi. This provides an atmosphere of ambition to develop ideas in cooperation with like-minded individuals. Our concern is that London needs to expand its broadband connection to support our city's innovation; we see London becoming a 1gb city as the required standard for global progression. After all, tech firms will contribute £12bn to the economy over the next 10 years.

Transport infrastructure has never been more important to the growth of London as it is now. With the implementation of Crossrail we will see rapid development in the areas surrounding London, as well as new commuter hubs making the city more connected than ever before, and we feel that Crossrail 2 will be just as beneficial. However, we have also seen how quickly we are brought to a standstill when our transport systems are threatened. Tube strikes prove just how much we rely on our infrastructure functioning properly. We believe that as the city grows, our infrastructure has to evolve alongside it.

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