In times gone by there was a very rigid set of expectations for us. Get an apprenticeship or a degree. Get a job. Get married. Have a kid. Buy a house. All of this should have been achieved by the time we were 25. This is no longer realistic, the reality is that many entry level jobs in competitive fields require years of industry experience only attainable through an internship or apprenticeship programme.Where an internship was a means of investigating a potential career, it is now a prerequisite for employment, only available through a network of nepotism. Graduates applying to these programmes may find that they lose out on a position to a rival with pre-established family connections and branded school names.

Due to a lack of pay, internships are only financially feasible to those whose families can afford to support them. We need to create a system whereby anyone with the drive to succeed has the environment to thrive, regardless of their background. Unfortunately, living costs in London mean low paid workers are hit much harder than their counterparts elsewhere in the country. We have to promote the London Living Wage for our newest career prospects.

One way to tackle this issue would be to create strong relationships between businesses and schools.


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