The housing crisis in London has fuelled a worrying scenario for aspiring first time buyers. Politicians seem to be constantly arguing the case for building more and more social housing in the city for those of whom it is a necessity. This attitude needs an overhaul. Should we not be giving an equal amount of support to those who wish to rise beyond supported housing and achieve the British dream of owning a home for their family? We believe that moving up from London social housing is just as important as moving into it.

Over the past few years first time buyers are finding it increasingly difficult to firmly grasp that first rung on the property ladder alone. The young urban professionals who have wealthy parents to place their first deposit for them are in the clear, indeed two-thirds of first time buyers have help from “the bank of mum and dad” and other relatives, the highest rate in the country, but what of those hard working youngsters who have done everything right up until this point, only to be thwarted at the final hurdle by a London property market with unachievable barriers to entry. To the British, our home is our castle, our safe haven. Why should the youth, in a true meritocracy, be forbidden from achieving this dream?


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