London Conservative mayoral hopeful Ivan Massow wants to stay over at your place

City A.M.: Conservative mayoral hopeful Ivan Massow has a new strategy to help him understand the lives of ordinary Londoners: he wants to stay at your place

In a video released today, Massow explains: “I want to live with you. It will only be for a night”. The idea is that it'll help him to fully understand the issues people in London face in everyday life.

“We know the problems people who live in Chelsea face will be different to the problems people in Bermondsey face, and we want to really understand that by meeting people from all over London,” Massow said at a launch of the video this morning.

This comes after an initial video was released in May, in an attempt to show himself as an honest candidate and which he says was seen by over 2 million people. "People now recognise me in the street as a candidate and ask me about my policies."

The entrepreneur, who has sold all of his businesses to dedicate his time towards his mayoral bid, says he wants to “stay at a resident’s home in each of the 32 boroughs of London.”

Massow said the video aims to give Londoners an idea of the sort of person he is “and the kind of things I would do if I was mayor”.


Regarding specific policy, having been continuously learning over the last year, Massow has “realised there is not just one right opinion. All opinions are right in a way, and you start to understand it is about taking all those opinions on board and formulating policy."

The “Invite Ivan” video, concludes with a link to Massow’s website where Londoners can arrange hosting him for the night.

The Conservative party will choose their candidate through an open primary open to all voters in the capital.

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