Mayoral candidate Ivan Massow plans to raise £400m from a London tourist tax

City A.M.: London could rein in almost half a billion pounds in public revenue with a tourist tax, a Conservative mayoral candidate has told City A.M.. 

Ivan Massow, who is in the running to take over from Boris Johnson as mayor of London, believes there should be a charge a rate of £1 per star per night stayed in a hotel. 
“We’re almost one of the only cities that don’t have it. Berlin, Rome, Paris – they all have it,” Massow said. 
“Ours [would be] tailored to protect people who go hostelling and need affordable accommodation.”
Rome charges €3 (£2.20) per night for a five-star hotel; charges reach up to €1.50 in Paris; and hotels in New York must add $2 (£1.30) to their bills on top of a higher sales tax.
Massow thinks London could raise £400m a year. If elected Mayor, he wants to direct the funds into a wide variety of areas including children’s hospices and more air ambulances.

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